Countersink cutters used to prepare holes for Military Standard #MS14218/#14219, Briles Rivet Corp. STD #BRFZ/#BRFR, and Boeing Aircraft #BACR15FV rivets. Generically referred to in the aerospace industry as "Briles Countersink Cutters". These cutters feature a unique geometry that cuts a counterbore and a countersink in the same hole.

The 14218 (FZP™) series is for "flush shear" applications. They are 120˚, 3/8" Diameter, HSS, 1/4-28 threaded cutters.

The 14219 (FRP™) series is for "flush tension" applications. They are 120˚ , 3/8" Diameter, HSS, 1/4-28 thrreaded cutters.

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